Sprouted Ink is a collaborative personal and art zine about mental health, self empowerment, and DIY learning/sharing. Curated by Sprout with submissions by Sprout, her friends, and strangers met on the internet.

Order here! And Submit Content for the next issue!. (Due Sept 1 2013)

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I still have some copies of Sprouted Ink No.3  left for trade or purchase. $3 includes shipping and handling. Email to make payment or trade arrangements, sproutedink@gmail.com

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Contributor packages on their way in the mail.

If you’d like to order a copy of sprouted ink zine no. 3, please make arrangements to send 1.50 + shipping and handling (usually an additional 1.50 to make $3).

Also open to trades. sproutedink@gmail.com

More info about what’s in zine no.3 forthcoming. 

Asked Anonymous

run and hide!

but if you want to face it, i suggest getting centered, meditating, jogging, biking, talking to a friend, or writing in order to collect your thoughts. And then confronting the person/situation once you feel centered and strong and rooted in your being. Do what it takes to feel empowered and like you are walking your walk and talking your talk. Don’t be afraid to say things that people might not like hearing if its your truth. if you are coming from a place of honor, integrity, and respect, then its easier to be comfortable with what needs to be said, even if its not going to go over well. 

Also know when to walk away, some people aren’t willing to have a conversation and listen. Some situations can’t be fixed, and you have to decide if you can life with that situation or person or need to just walk away. 

If you are in a situation of conflict where talking doesn’t help and you can’t run away, then you need to get help. From peers, friends, mentors. If you are spiritual, then pray, meditate, get out your rocks/gems and tarot cards. Again, do what it takes to get empowered until you can figure out a solution or a way to get by until something can be done about it or until you can resolve the situation. 

Always be willing to check your mind and question your thoughts in case you can come up with a better way of thinking about the situation to make it less of a conflict for yourself in general. Some conflicts might just be feelings of fear that need to be looked at an dealt with, in which case, more of a introspective/personal care situation might be helpful. However, if your friends and associates love you - they will listen to you while you tell them your fears and truth, even if you present it as a conflict with them personally. Because they should care about what you think and who you are and what you are going through. 

How do YOU deal with conflict? curious!

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The third issue of sprouted ink is finally here! It will be released at Chicago zine fest! I will be trading and selling through the internet by the end of March, so pm me if interested in a copy.

Will be in touch with the contributors soon!

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I like the taste of peppermint

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Loving dogs greet you as you finish the second issue of the zine. 

I sincerely hope that 2013 was a great one! 

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Hey!!!!!! Update on Forever Falling Sideways!!!! Submisions due November 17th. 



FFS’ mission is to encourage political resistance through healing, self-care, community development and expression. The zine represents a spectrum of experiences. We want to hear from folx who are struggling, healing, and in-between.


DIY how-to’s, coping mechanisms, personal stories, political essays, scanned journal entries, herbalism, holistic medicine, recipes, spells, art (comix, photography, mixed media, drawings, etc.) and more. Writing needs to be in Word or google doc. Art files need to be high quality jpgs or tiffs, 270-300 PPI. Please include a trigger warning when needed.

We do not want racist/classist/misogynist/ableist/anti-trans/anti-queer voices in our zine.

Email questions/work to FOREVERFALLINGSIDEWAYS@gmail.com

Flyer art by the beautiful Julian Sheep

I spent some time today going through old journals to find content for Sprouted Ink Zine’s upcoming zine release. I like to go through my journal sometimes to see if anything jumps out. If you’d like to add some more stuff to the zine, please send stuff my way. I’ll be taking stuff as I continue putting it together for the rest of October. this is going to be a good one!

In case you want a sneak peak, I have the following submissions so far: 
1. Journey into Darkness (by me!) 
2. A New Chapter: A new Coast
3. Photographs and inscriptions by Dylan
4. The end of love — (tops any bad relationship story you’ve ever heard)
5. Anxiety comix by Lydia Henderson
6. Comics about Bi Polar by Eddie 
7. Comix from Marc… about happiness I think
8. Random Stuff
9. Poetry about Power
10. Your_Submission_Here

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